About moi

Hi, my name is Ophélia and I am twelve years old.  My namesake is Ophelia from Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.  I took ballet for four days each week for the school year.  Now that it's summer, there is a Summer Intensives, at my ballet studio, for the summer.  In January 2010, I returned to dance after a 4 year break.  My parents pay for my ballet through a trade, my dad plays piano for some of the advanced dance classes in exchange.  Because it had been so long I had to start over all the way back in level 1 with little kids but I worked hard and by November 2010 I got my first pair of pointe shoes and was moved up to level 4 and pre-pointe ckasses.  Dance is my favorite thing in the world, ballet is my most favorite of all.

 I am reading and enjoying Inkdeath from the Inkheart series.  So much action and courage is in the stories that I wish that I was part of the miraculous adventure.  I knit winter-clothes and purses, I hand-sew pillows and I use a sewing-machine to sew purses and skirts.  I cook quick meals and bake breads, cookies and cakes.  In summer, I enjoy swimming, bike riding with my parents, and sketching.  I draw tools, buildings, wildlife (of they're not moving) and people.  I like writing stories, plays and poems.  I play and practice piano, guitar and Pentatonic flute.  I am mostly advanced in piano than the other instruments that I can play.

I am homeschooled and I enjoy it.  For the past few years, I have been educated at homeschooling programs.  They are similar to everyday Public and Private schools but they happen once a week and then there is homework for the rest of the week.  I liked it and I sort of miss the homework that happened throughout the week.  I am a crazy pre-teen!  Anyway, Saturdays and Sunday are the only days when I didn't have assigned homework, a two days rest from thinking.  I think we didn't have homework then because it was the weekend.  I would get my homework done in the morning and and spend the rest of the day playing or (usually) reading.  I went to two homeschooling programs, and they met in churches.

I have a seven people family (including me) in a small house in Texas.  My parents, Jeremy and Jessica (aka dad and mom) are excellent teachers.  My dad teaches piano, guitar, French and math to my sisters and I.  My mom teaches literature, writing, cooking, gardening and math games.  I have four, wonderful sisters. There is Lavinia who is 10 years old, Helena, is 8, Evangeline is 3 and Cosette is a year and a half.  Lavinia and Helena go to the same homeschooling programs as I go to.  We have lots of fun there. My sisters and I take ballet and we all enjoy it, very much.

Learning so much makes me want to learn more.  All of my favorite hobbies, and all of my homework urges me to take a step higher to be better than before.  Right now, I taking a little break until next year to be better.  I might get a little better this summer.   Whatever I am going to do, I am going to a new and better me.